Corso Italia, 152 – 00012 Villalba di Guidonia (RM) +39 0774 371308


    Who we are


    The restaurant was born in 2005 in Villalba, a densely populated part of the munucipality in the northeast quadrant of Rome. Originally it arranged cultural events, in order to promote opportunities of meetings and exchanges between people, generally in a lacking social contest. In the interest to encourage the spirit of aggregation we rely on the cooking and creativity of a young chef, Matteo Agovino, still Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana’s chef.

    TheOsteria is born

    During Spring-Summer 2009 we achieve our first great renewal. The cuisine assumes a central role, although our cultural events vocation still persist. From September 2009, Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana becomes, in fact, a small restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner, with a great attention to wine, especially the Latium one, and to homemade beers. From 2014 Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana joins Campagna Amica nel Piatto. In the same year is inaugurated Pan di Zenzero shop, where you can find all the products and the ingredients used in our restaurant’s cuisine.


    In proposing his cuisine, Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana puts an ethical position with regard to society and environment. It makes every effort in order to promote and spread an example of cuisine oriented to slow-food culture, with a careful selection of our suppliers, preferring zero food miles biological products from Campagna Amica’s farms. Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana wants to fill the cultural vacuum between men and fast-food’s dominion products, consequence of a world order where everything is devoured and destroyed.


    Since the beginning Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana is a family managment. In addition to the owners passion there’s also the energy of a young and well-matched team, in the dining hall as well as in the kitchen. Creativity and team spirit are the crosscode of our staff.