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Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana proposes a cooking based on simple ingredients, strongly related to traditional mediterranean diet. Pasta, vegetables, but also fish and meat, perfect expression of our best Italian cuisine. A great combination between Latium and Naples traditional cuisine, inspired by the Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana’s Chef personal experience, where typical dishes find new interpretation and forms of expression. A cuisine with no frills, but at the same time very variegated.


Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana’s cuisine is managed by Matteo Agovino, chef and one of the restaurant’s founders. After finishing his studies he obtained the chef qualification at the IPSSAR Institute of Rome, where he completed his training by attending a master’s degree in Food & Beverage Management of Tim Business School in Rome. Meanwhile he improved himself working for prestigious restaurants in the Capital: From the Auditorium Red Restaurant to Al Panda in Viale Liegi, but also in Ambasciatori Hotel in Via Veneto and in the Jolly Hotel in Corso d’Italia. In 2005 he became Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana’s Chef, but without giving up important collaborations. Since 2007 he teaches Cooking Lab in several hotel-management schools, both private and public.

Acuisine for everyone

Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana listens to everyone. This is the reason why it’s easy for us to suit to costumers needs. Osteria’s cuisine also offers a take-away service and, furthermore, the chance to order a ‘made for you’ menu. The cooking lab, next to the restaurant, cooks and delivers meals for canteens and community with the same approach used in the restaurant: best quality ingredients and the greatest attention in food realization.


For an authentic high quality offer we can’t forget to mention our patisserie. Everyday Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana makes with passion all the dessert in the menu, indulging itself in the creation of new enjoyable temptations. Pastries, cookies, desserts, cakes and semifreddo: ’cause a little bit of sweetness is always welcomed.

Eventstailored for you

Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana also makes his rooms available for events, party and celebrations with great attention to details and with a warm and friendly treatment. Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana also realises home deliveries services, buffet and banquets. With a wide range of offers, all easy to suit you.

Zerogluten, but tasty

In Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana’s menu you can find a selection of gluten free dishes and vegetarian courses, in addiction to vegetables and Campagna Amica’s products, suitable for those who need to follow a specific diet or avoid a meat and salami intake, without giving up to taste and dishes variety.