Corso Italia, 152 – 00012 Villalba di Guidonia (RM) +39 0774 371308


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    Zenzero Osteria Metropolitana
    Corso Italia, 152
    00012 – Villalba di Guidonia (RM)


    Howto find us quickly

    From Rome: From great ringroad take the Tiburtina exit. Take Via Tiburtina Valeria until Villalba (just after Tivoli Terme). Then go past the railway bridge and turn left at the second corner, (you will see a square with a fountain at the centre). Take Corso Italia until you reach street number 152.

    From Tivoli: Take Via Tiburtina Valeria until Villalba (at the same level of Piazza della Repubblica). Take Corso Italia and go to 152.


    For lunch we are serving a quick menu with a selections of different dishes from a dedicated menu but also a buffet with a great variety of appetizers and side dishes. For dinner you can choose your recipes from a selected menu. In addiction you can find the dishes of the day and also of the week, our offer can satisfy any palate, from the hardest to please to the curious one.

    Lunch Dinner
    Monday 12:00/15:00 18:00/23:30
    Tuesday 12:00/15:00 18:00/23:30
    Wednesday 12:00/15:00 18:00/23:30
    Thursday 12:00/15:00 18:00/23:30
    Friday 12:00/15:00 18:00/23:30
    Saturday 12:00/15:00 18:00/23:30
    Sunday 12:00/15:00 18:00/23:30